Current Dates

Classes have now ended and we hope your family has had an enjoyable experience this year. The registration forms for next year will be available around mid to late May.

  Important Dates for Confirmation

April 25th – 6:30PM practice in McCloskey for 1PM ceremony

April 25th – 7:45PM practice in McCloskey for 4PM ceremony

May 1st – Confirmation at 1PM & 4PM

Important Dates for First Eucharist

May 2nd -   7:00 PM 2nd grade Song Rally with Msgr. Harold in Church (children,   

                    parents, and your singing voice!)

May 6th  – 11:00 AM Ceremony

                     Practice: Wednesday – May 3rd   7:00PM (parent & child)

May 6th   – 1:00 PM Ceremony

                     Practice: Thursday – May 4th     7:00PM (parent & child)

May 13th   - 11:00 AM Ceremony

                     Practice: Tuesday – May 9th   7:00PM (parent & child)

May 13th   - 1:00 PM Ceremony

                    Practice: Thursday - May 11th   7:00 PM (parent & child)

May 20th   - 11:00 AM Ceremony

                    Practice: Thursday May 18th   7:00 PM (parent & child)